PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd

Project Category:
Event Management
Campaign Name:
Facebook Fans Career Day
Duration: 2012, 2013 & 2014 (3 years)


By having thousand numbers of fans in their Facebook page, PKT has a lot of fans willing and waiting to join them as an employee. With limited vacancies available in PKT, this Career Day was held to provide all their Facebook fans opportunities to work with PKT subsidiaries & suppliers.

This event created a win-win situation for both suppliers and PKT Facebook fans, and has been shouted as one of the company’s successful CSR programme that run by a corporate company.


  1. With total 1900 RSVP through Facebook, more than 1800 peoples have showed up at ‘Facebook Fans Career Day 2014’.
  2. PKT has been recognized as a game changer who have thousands of social media followers, that are waiting to work for them.
  3. PKT’s reach through Facebook has created a phenomena in Malaysia.

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Design & Printing

Printing materials have been designed & printed like lanyards, pre-registered tag, T-shirts, table itinerary, banners, backdrop and goodie bags.

Marketing & Promotion

From blasting emails to door-to-door marketing + social media marketing, we have done it all to attract more visitors to the event!

Photography & Videography

Photos & videos have been captured and produced, during the events to capture all the moments forever!