Kolej Dar Al-Hikmah (KDH)

Project Category:
Digital Marketing
Duration: 3-months


As the first Islamic college in Malaysia, KDH is facing an issue where their student enrollment is getting low from year to year, since 2010.

We have strategize their digital marketing and a whole new website – www.hikmah.edu.my has been developed, together with online student’s registration portal and administration dashboard for them to monitor their student’s registration progress.

Social media marketing has also been embraced with total 139 postings (posters & videos) were made by IAMK within 3 months. Free photo-shoot & videography sessions have been conducted to create contents for their social media channels.


  1. 125 online applications have been received within one month.
  2. Increment of +176,785 post reach for KDH Facebook page’s posts, compared to previous period.
  3. Increment of +6,326 video views on their Facebook videos, compared to previous period.
  4. A new website www.hikmah.edu.my has been developed together with registration portal within one month – compatible across devices (desktop, mobile & tablets).
  5. 2,243 visitors has been visited their website in just 2 months.

Related works for this project:

Web Development

New Kolej Dar Al-Hikmah website has been developed in one month by using PHP & MySQL.

Web Application Development

A mobile-friendly Student Registration portal has been developed by using ASP.Net and MSSQL.

Social Media Marketing

Attractive contents have been posted daily to engage genuine followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Photography & Videography

Photography & videography sessions have been conducted to collect contents for marketing materials.

Banner Design & Printing

Buntings and banners have been designed & printed - to be placed around their college.

Brochure Design

12-pages KDH brochure has been designed for the college to promote all their courses to public.

Attractive Reports

Attractive reports have been delivered to client on monthly basis to give them real result to analyze the ROI.