PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd

Project Category:
Brand Positioning
Campaign Name:
“Milo Van Phenomena”
Duration: 2011 – 2015 (4 years)


Back in 2011, PKT was starting to implement “Milo Van Phenomena” campaign to all university, polytechnics and colleges students in order to associate the term ‘logistics’ = ‘PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd’ – inside the student’s mind.

Students were invited to come for free educational visit, and then to be presented with company’s Powerpoint slides presentation by top management. Then, they will be bring to a private tour inside of PKT offices and warehouses.


  1. Facebook page Likes & Followers increased from 100+ to 60,000 over in 2015. Updated: 100,000+ in 2018.
  2. New businesses received from visitors (previously students) that have been working at other companies.
  3. Establishment of PKT Tour – where PKT starts to charge students & corporate visitors to come and visit them, with price range from RM25 – RM200/per person.
  4. MOUs with local universities & polytechnics have been established and increased the CEO’s reputation – which led to another untapped opportunities (Ex: participation in CEO Faculty Programme by MOHE, investment in education business).

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Digital Strategy

Creating a unique tagline and culture of 'Facebook Got Me Hired' to attract audience, especially Gen-Y to PKT Facebook page.

Viral-Concept Video Production

Our 'CEO Got Pranked' video hits over 3 million viewers, plus a popular Tamil song danced by Malay and Chinese. This kind of video give them free branding awareness without spending too much on other paid advertisement.

Tour Arrangements

Mind boggling tours were given for free in order to create memorable experience in the heart of visitors. This tour creates bigger opportunities for them such as recognition from local universities & government, businesses received from previously visited students who's now working, and so on.