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OSEMM by IAMK stands for 'Outsourcing Social Media Manager' – where you now can mainly focus on your daily business operations, while we take care of your social media existence! With OSEMM, IAMK will act as your Social Media Manager + Graphic Designer + Video Editor to create contents for your social media channels. We will also deliver your social media performance reports on a monthly basis. All at affordable prices!

IAMK Background
Result Is What Really Matters
At IAMK, we are passionate about bringing more values into businesses by providing honest, knowledge-sharing and result-driven marketing services. We believe these values are critical in getting the final results, that all of us have always been wanted.
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The Story of IAMK

Back in 2015, I was sitting in my monthly routine meeting and being presented with a lot of data from our Social Media guys such as our website’s Google Analytics, percentage of new users came to our website, Facebook Insights, and so on. At the same time, I knew that our Sales in Ringgit is not as much as they’ve presented to me.

I began to think that digital marketing ROI should be tied together with Sales in real value. Yes, all the Data is important in decision-making processes, but it will only be useful if the company’s final goals are achieved.

So, I started to make a step forward and use all the data from our Social Media Analytics to achieve the company’s REAL BUSINESS RESULTS. Finally in 2016, me and my teammates formed this company called… IAMK – IA Media Marketing.
Muhammad Faizal Ahmad

What Can We Do for You?

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Planning
  • Brand Positioning
  • Rebranding
  • Digital Strategy

Brand Activation

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising & Printing
  • Corporate Materials Design & Printing
  • Product Photography & Corporate Videography
  • Website/Apps Development
  • Domain & Hosting
  • Event Management


  • Creative Concepting
  • Logo/Tagline Development
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines


  • Ideation Sessions
  • Workshops
  • Management Interviews
IAMK Background

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IAMK Executive Profiles

Get to know the key personnel behind our company.
Muhammad Faizal

Muhammad Faizal

Buvaneswaren Naidu

Buvaneswaren Naidu

Head of Marketing
Khairudin Ibrahim

Khairudin Ibrahim

Head of Creative

About Us

IAMK is a digital marketing, branding, printing and advertising agency that provides great solutions by great ethic of peoples.

We always combine basic human values + smart strategies + breakthrough creative = to bring client’s final goals to life and create positivity in business results.

Our Mission

To bring more values into businesses by providing honest, result-oriented and knowledge-sharing marketing services.

Our Vision

To be marketing industry’s knowledge centre that creates better future for peoples.

IAMK Learning Centre

Contributing back to community by sharing our knowledge & expertise.

Jumlah Pelajar Calon SPM Tahun 2017

By Muhammad Faizal Ahmad | 13th April 2018

Daripada data-data yang kami kumpulkan, kami mendapati terdapat seramai 443,883 orang pelajar yang telah mendaftar untuk mengambil Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) pada tahun 2017, mengikut negeri-negeri di Malaysia.

Facebook has just announced a drastic change to their newsfeed algorithm.

By Buvaneswaren Naidu | 13th January 2018

Mark Zuckerberg has stated plain as day that users will see a lot less posts from business pages – and more content from their friends and family.

Internet Usage Statistics in Malaysia for 2017

By Muhammad Faizal Ahmad | 12th January 2018

According to the research by MCMC, from 32 million peoples in Malaysia, 24.5 million users (76.9%) have an access to Internet, and the others 7.5 million (23.1%) do not have an access to the Internet.

Statistik Pasaran Pengguna di Malaysia Tahun 2017

By Muhammad Faizal Ahmad | 17th November 2017

Mengikut anggaran Jabatan Statistik Malaysia yang dikeluarkan pada 14 Julai 2017, jumlah penduduk Malaysia kini adalah seramai 32 juta orang, di mana 28.7 juta adalah warganegara Malaysia dan 3.3 juta lagi adalah bukan warganegara Malaysia.

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