Internet Usage Statistics in Malaysia for 2017

Did you know approximately, there are 24.5 million Internet users in Malaysia – which equals to 76.9% of the population? Today we would like to share with you some of the data that we gathered from MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission), Facebook, Department of Statistics Malaysia, etc.

How many Internet users in Malaysia?

According to the research by MCMC, from 32 million peoples in Malaysia, 24.5 million users (76.9%) have an access to Internet, and the others 7.5 million (23.1%) do not have an access to the Internet.

Internet Users in Malaysia 2017

How Malaysian Access the Internet?

According to MCMC, Smartphone is the main medium on how Malaysia access the Internet. There are 89.4% (21.9 milllion peoples) access their smartphone, compared to other medium such as laptop, netbook and PC desktop. Here’s the full list how Malaysian access the Internet.

How Malaysian access Internet

What Malaysians are doing on the Internet?

By understanding the fact that a lot of Malaysians are on the Internet, as a marketer it is important for us to know what they are doing on the Internet.

The key point here is: Almost all Malaysian Internet users (96.3%, 23.59 million) use Internet for text communication such as  Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and so forth.

Malaysian Internet Users Activities

Social Media Channels: Which one matters most to Malaysian?

Social networking sites (SNS) are always the main platform when it comes to Internet activities. Let’s take a closer look on how many percentage of that Malaysian are on these social media channels:

Social Media Users in Malaysia 2017

According to the research above, there are 97.3% of Malaysian Internet users do have at least a Facebook account. By numbers, we are looking at 23.83 million of Malaysians that do have a Facebook account! Making it a perfect medium for you to promote your brands (you can sell in it if you want to).

For Instagram, there are 13.74 million Instagram users in Malaysia, increase from 46.7% (2016) to 56.1% (2017).

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