Stats: Malaysian Population by Gender and Ethnic 2017


Sometimes our businesses required us to focus on certain gender or ethnic of audience. Today, we would like to share some of the data that we extract from Department of Statistics Malaysia.

And here’s the latest one for you, which is from the year of 2017. To find out overall view of how Malaysian people look like, you may refer to our previous article by clicking this link.

Ok, let’s go on. Check out the infographic here!

1. Bumiputera

Bumiputera dan pecahan mengikut jantina

2. Chinese

Kaum Cina di Malaysia dan pecahan mengikut jantina

3. Indian

Kaum India dan pecahan mengikut jantina

4. Others

Kaum lain-lain dan pecahan mengikut jantina

5. Non-Malaysian Citizens

Bukan Warganegara Malaysia dan pecahan mengikut jantina

Okay, some of the data quite surprising rite? We hope you can make use of these data for your business and keep following us for more free consumers data, especially in Malaysia. You can follow on Facebook here: Facebook IAMK and Instagram here: Instagram IAMK.

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